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Proud to have the Security Team help send off Mr. Hewitt, who is deploying to Djibouti as a member of the NJ Army National Guard. Thank you Mr. Hewitt for your service!!
Members of the Security Team came out to PASCS-Middle to help our students send off Mr. Hewitt, a member of the NJ Army National Guard as he prepares for a yearlong deployment to Djibouti. We are proud of you and your service Mr. Hewitt!!!
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What is PARCC Assessment?

The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is a consortium of states that collaboratively developed a common set of assessments to measure student achievement and preparedness for college and careers.

The Partnership for Assessment
of Readiness for College and Careers

The PARCC assessments serve as an "educational GPS system," assessing students' current performance, and pointing the way to what students need to learn.

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Students: Will know if they are on track to graduate ready for college/careers.
Teachers: Will have access to timely data to guide learning and instruction.
Parents: Will have clear and timely information about student progress.
States: Will have valid results that are comparable across state borders.

Parents / Students

Dear Parent/Guardian,

PARCC tests were designed to replace the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK) and the High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA) and match the content and skills outlined in the new standards that are guiding instruction. These new tests moved away from fill-in-the bubble tests and asked questions that require students to explain their answers.

The results from PARCC, along with your child’s overall educational learning experience, including performance in the classroom, provide an overall picture of his or her academic success and progress towards graduating high school ready to succeed at college level work.

Your child’s performance level, as well as the school and district’s performance levels, may look lower this year. These new tests measure more complex, real-world skills such as critical-thinking, writing, and problem solving. For these reasons, these scores cannot be compared to previous test scores. Instead, they are setting a new, more accurate baseline from which progress can be measured moving forward.

This first year of testing is a transition year. We went to great lengths to make sure scoring was done accurately, involving teachers from across the nation, and since this is the first time it is being done, it took longer. This year, you are receiving your child’s report in the Fall but the goal for next year is to have results available during the summer next year.

I hope you will find that the attached report provides you with more detailed information about your child’s learning.
Each subject is broken down into categories of skills and content to identify where a student is doing well and where he or she needs some additional help. We encourage you to talk to your child’s teacher for additional information on how your child is performing in class as well as discuss how he or she can be further supported in school.

The PARCC assessments serve as an "educational GPS system," assessing students' current performance, and pointing the way to what students need to learn to be ready for the next grade level and, by high school graduation, for college and/or a career. The PARCC assessments are designed to give schools and teachers more information to improve instruction. Moreover, PARCC is designed to let parents know how their child is progressing academically. This more detailed information can lead to strong engagement between parents and teachers.
Be a Learning Hero helps parents navigate the changes happening in classrooms across the country so they can help their children be successful in school. They provide resources and information for parents from some of the nation’s most well-respected education and parent organizations including the National PTA, Common Sense Media and GreatSchools

If you have any questions, please contact us using this form.


The PARCC consortium of states has a wealth of resources for educators, covering issues from test design to technology tutorials. Score Report Resources for Educators States and districts are preparing to release student results for the initial administration of the PARCC assessments. The PARCC states, with their partners, have developed materials to assist local educators as they prepare to receive and review these initial results, and begin a dialogue with parents and school communities.

These resources provide context to the results and will help educators work with parents to understand them and act upon them.
PARCC Resource Center (PRC)
PARCC Score Toolkit Educator Resources
2015-16 IL Assessment Fact Sheet
PARCC Website and Resource Guide


PARCC Administrators Resources:

PARCC Clarification Document
PARCC Resource Center (PRC)
PARCC Score Toolkit
Supt. Smith Letter to Adminstrators Educator Resources
PARCC changes for SY2016 test

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