Teacher's Philosophy of Teaching

Mrs. Laura Quiroz


In my years of experience as a teacher, I feel confident in the teaching method I use since it has proven to be effective in more than most cases. Teaching a foreign language is exciting and challenging to both the student and teacher. The benefit that comes from teaching a foreign language is showing the student the tools he/she has to overcome this challenge and that through the process, it is valuable. I see the positive results of my teaching method in exam grades, notes taken during class, a student’s question and the confidence they show when they walk into class.


This method consists of me, the teacher, being involved with the student not just lecturing or reviewing materials; actively participating in the activities and letting them know that it is okay to be wrong at first because that is what learning is. Many of these students fear failure and the domino effect that comes with it: getting the answer wrong during a class activity, being portrayed as “unintelligent” therefore tampering with the student’s will to continue learning. I assure my students that learning something new is not easy and in order to achieve, “you must sometimes learn to accept that we make mistakes as long as we use to the best of our knowledge how to make corrections.”


To be a great teacher, leader, and a positive influence to your students is being observant; being involved because every student learns in distinctive ways and it is my job to bring that connection between a student’s individual style of learning and the learned material. In order to do so, I must place myself in their shoes. Be involved.


The iLearn Teacher of the Year Program honors excellence in classroom education and provides a forum to showcase many outstanding educators whose efforts and example have inspired their students, their colleagues, and the communities they serve.


iLearn Schools Teacher of the Year is the highest honor that iLearn Schools can bestow upon a teacher. This program annually recognizes and rewards teachers who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and excellence in teaching.


Every spring each campus selects a Teacher of the Year and amongst them, one iLearn Schools Teacher of the Year is selected.  The one teacher that is selected as the iLearn Schools Teacher of the Year represents iLearn Schools in the Governor’s Teacher of the Year and the New Jersey Charter School Association Teacher of the Year programs.