Bergen Arts & Science Charter School

Lockdown Drill

Today, Mr. Kul (Director of BASCS Middle School) staged a Lockdown Drill at his campus. The lockdown went flawlessly even though the security team injected a twist by also activating the fire alarms. The scenario also included officers banging on class doors yelling “Fire!” “Get out!”

No one made a sound, all doors remained secured, all staff and students remained safe. A Garfield Police Detective and all the Security Coordinators from each of our campuses were present to observe the drill. All staff and students were effectively evacuated to the gymnasium where Security Coordinator  Mr. Giovia and Mr. Kul critiqued the drill and applauded the staff and students for doing a spectacular job.

NJASCS Security Director Leo McGuire spoke to the assembly regarding the importance of these drills and how we can all participate in our own safety. This drill was an example of effective communication and how important fire and security drills are to keeping our students and campuses safe.


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