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Kindle Reader Updates

Dear iLearn Parents and Guardians,

We hope you have had an enjoyable, relaxing summer and your student(s) is gearing up for another fantastic school year!

As you are aware, all school supply lists can be found on each of our school’s website.  In addition, we are requiring all students in grades 4 through 12 to have a library card.  These library cards can be obtained through your local library for free or at a small cost (less than $5). Typically, two proofs of residency are required to get the card.

We ask that you ensure your student(s) has a library card for the start of the school year.  This will allow him or her to borrow Kindle Books from your local library in his or her Language Arts’ classroom. Students must create a PIN when they obtain the library card and they must remember the PIN in order to borrow books.

In addition, Kindle e-readers will continue to be a requirement for all students starting in grade 4-8.  Kindles can be purchased on Amazon using the following link:

Link to Kindle e-Reader:

This specific e-reader is a base model, uses e-ink technology to replicate the appearance of printed ink on paper without backlighting, glare, or eye strain, and does not have continuous access to the internet for surfing the web. If you already purchased a Kindle for your child last school year, that Kindle will suffice for this academic year.

Our digital library will be purchased through Amazon; therefore, Barnes and Noble Nooks, and other tablets will not be compatible with the digital library.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Devices that store games or allow unlimited browsing of the web will not be permitted for use in the middle school. The price of this device is $59. This includes a USB cable (Kindle with USB cable can only be charged through a computer.). Standard, wall power adapter is not included. The power adapter is additional $19.99.

Should your child qualify for free or reduced-price lunch, financial assistance may be available. THE DEADLINE TO COMPLETE THE ONLINE APPLICATION FOR E-READER FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE IS MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 2015. NO APPLICATIONS FOR ASSISTANCE WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS TIME. Please complete the application found at this link:

Link to the Kindle e-Reader Financial Aid Form:

We look forward to another engaging, exciting, and rich year in literacy! We ask for your support in obtaining a Kindle and library card for your student for the start of the school year.


Kindest regards,

Christina Roman

iLearn Schools ELA Program Director

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