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Welcome back from the holiday weekend! The last few weeks of this school year are upon us- isn’t it amazing how time flies! Summer is next with warm weather and outdoor activities the norm. This is a time for a reminder of overall child safety. Skateboards, bicycles are frequent modes of transportation for our children- and the responsibility to ensure that helmets are worn at all times!! Does your child have a proper helmet and do you mandate they wear it- always? If you need a helmet, many police departments have safety programs that distribute them free of charge. Give a call to the Community Outreach Unit of the police department or Sheriff’s Office to inquire.

As motorists, our responsibility is to be vigilant in being ready for the possibility that a child may dart out in the street unexpectedly. That means remembering that driving requires our full attention. Distracted driving, like texting or not paying full attention to the road, are dangerous habits that can lead to unexpected disaster.

If you have any questions or concerns at your child’s school regarding safety in and around the school, be sure to speak to your security team. As you know, our security team are mostly career law enforcement professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and care deeply about your child’s safety in- and out- of school! As always, I am available to you as well and can be reached at [email protected] or 201-773-7140, ext. 123. Lastly, thank you for choosing iLearn Schools, we care about the success of your child! Have a terrific summer!

Leo P. McGuire, MBA
Sheriff (Ret.)
Sr.VP Strategy and Risk Management
iLearn Schools, Inc.

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