Passaic Arts & Science Charter School

Welcome letter from Passaic ASCS director.

Dear PASCS Community,

My name is Harun Celik and I’m extremely happy to join the staff of Passaic Arts and Science Charter School as the new Director for Middle and High School. I’m very passionate about education and I look forward to partnering with you to provide our students with a rigorous, engaging, and high-quality middle and High school experience at our campus.

Passaic Arts and Science Charter School in New Jersey is among the State’s best Charter public schools, and have consistently outperformed traditional district public schools when it comes to closing the achievement gap. These successful results have not materialized by accident. It has been through the hard work, dedication, and partnerships that have existed between school staff, parents, community members, and the most important stakeholders in the equation, the student body. I am so gratefully and appreciative being a member of this educational family again after 8 years.

As the Director of PASCS, I believe that we are all partners at PASCS and share a common goal: To provide a safe, happy and successful learning experience for each of our children. We will focus on college and career readiness skills, use of data to inform instruction, consistent implementation of new instruction strategies to increase students’ achievement, closing gaps and provide exciting and challenging enrichment opportunities for all students. With this in mind, as we help our students make the transition to real world.

During the course of the 2016 2017 school year, it is my hope that we will work together to provide the students the best opportunities in preparing for the world, ready to master challenges placed in their path. As PASCS Middle and High School Director, my door is always open and I welcome your input. Please feel free to stop in or call to make an appointment to discuss your concerns, suggestions, or ideas to help make this year the best it can be!


Harun Celik M. Ed

Passaic ASCS Middle and High School Director

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