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Parents Safety and Security Message Fall 2017

iLearn Schools Parents welcome back!

Summer is finally over and our schools are getting the final touches to ensure they are safe and prepared for your child’s continued education. To our new students and parents, we are pleased to have you in our tuition-free, public charter schools! You have made a great choice.  You have taken the first step and we will do our very best to mentor and educate your child moving forward but education does not only take place in school. Your continued support in the education process is constant and ever evolving as there are many issues of concern to pay attention to in our communities and on the Internet.


Maintain dialogue with your teachers and admin team to discuss the specific needs of your child; get to know our professional security team made up of retired law enforcement and current military. Our security team brings decades of experience and they are poised to address many potential emergencies in and around our schools. But they cannot do it alone. You can be a valuable addition to the safety and security of our schools by starting a frank discussion with your child. Speak openly about gangs, drugs, weapons, violence, cyberbullying, sexting, and community and school safety. We can help you with that discussion if need be- just ask!


Be honest! The world is a complex place with many violent acts reported in the news. Recent issues, like that in Charlottesville, Virginia where racism turned violent should be addressed directly. Children have questions, and you should be prepared to discuss them with facts- don’t minimize or exaggerate. Other issues like immigration enforcement changes at the federal level may arise. States cannot constitutionally deny students a free public education on account of their immigration status, therefore, your child should not worry and is safe in our schools!

Cyber Safety

Do not hesitate to be a detective in your child’s life. You are the Boss and have their best interests in mind- they have no right to privacy. In fact it is your job to help protect them from themselves. And that may mean doing a little snooping on their phone, tablet, or room.  If you see something suspicious, bring it to our attention, we can direct you to the appropriate resources to help you and protect your child. You may see weird writing on books or graffiti- it may be gang related or just doodling, again, just ask us and we can help interpret in an effort to keep your child away from street gangs.

Lastly, carrying a weapon of any kind is illegal, especially in school.  If you find something in their room, confiscate it, and seek professional support. Again, we will help where and when we can as we are all in this together to provide a quality- and safe– education for your child.

Also remember this email is part of our Emergency Broadcast system which can include a text message. If your cell # is in our system, you must opt-in by texting the word yes to 67587. You should get a confirmation response. If you get a failure, then you must contact your cell carrier to instruct them to allow texts from 67587.

Welcome back and have a great school year!

Leo P. McGuire, MBA

iLearnSchools Director of Risk Management

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