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Bergen Buzz! January 2018!

Dear Families,

Happy New Year Bergen Families and Friends! I hope that you enjoyed your winter break and had lots of opportunities to celebrate with family members and friends. I hope that you are well rested and recharged. I know our teachers are eager to continue what has already been a very successful school year. New calendar years bring new opportunities, new challenges, and all new possibilities for our children here at Bergen Elementary. I would like to take this opportunity, once again, to emphasize how important it is that we continue to maintain quality partnership between the home and school. When families work closely with teachers, the children adjust to school better. Your teacher and you are partners in helping your child be successful.

Please encourage your child to set a New Year’s goal around reading. Exposure to reading is important in developing vocabulary for fluency and comprehension. Take turns reading to your child and having him/her read to you. It is important that your child reads every night.

Parents are encouraged to work each night with their child on completing homework assignments. Homework reinforces skills, concepts and information learned in class as well as allows parents to have an active role in their child’s education and helps them to evaluate their child’s progress.

Homework tips:

  • Set up a homework-friendly area.
  • Schedule a regular study time.
  • Help them make a plan.
  • Keep distractions to a minimum.
  • Make sure children do their own work. Help them if needed but don’t give them the answers.
  • Be a motivator and monitor.
  • Set a good example.

We ask you to be mindful of school policies around student’s health. The health and safety of every student is very important to us. Our staff takes care to support and maintain the health and well being of all our students. If your child is sick please keep them home so they can get the rest they need to get well.

Prior to break we began our new drop off procedures in front of the building. We ask that you be mindful of these procedures that were shared by Garfield PD:


  • Please pull all the way up before allowing your child to exit the vehicle.
  • Please remain in your car.
  • Please have children exit from the passenger side of the car.
  • Have children ready to get out when you stop.
  • Please do not drop children off on Banta or Division. Stopping on these streets causes congestion and prevents the smooth flow of traffic.
  • Use crosswalks when walking your child to the school and park in a designated spot.


We thank you for your cooperation and assistance. Happy New Year!


Sheila B. Goodstein

 Bergen-ASCS Elementary School Director

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