Paterson Arts & Science Charter School

Cafeteria Charge Policy Updated

Cafeteria Charge Policy

Name of Local Education Agency (LEA):

Paterson Arts and Science Charter School Implementation Date: August 28, 2018 Updated: November 12, 2018


  • If money is owed for breakfast or lunch, the district must contact the student’s parent or guardian via email of the balance statement, printed statement given to your child or phone call with a first notice of the debt. The parent or guardian has 10 school days to pay the amount due.
    • If the parent or guardian does not make a full payment by the end of the 10 school days, a second notice via email of the balance statement, printed statement given to your child or phone call must be provided to the parent stating that breakfast or lunch, as applicable, will not be served to the student beginning one week from the date of the second notice unless the payment is made in full. (N.J.S.A. 18A:33-21)
    • If payment isn’t made, other food options (ex. cheese sandwich, bagel, cereal or muffin) will be available in replacement of the hot lunch. Hot lunch will be made available once balance is made in full.
    • Snacks or Milk charges will not be permitted.
    • School staff and lunch management cannot make exceptions to the policy.
    • School food service staff at each school will be trained annually on this policy.
    • If parents or guardians wish to make an online payment, check meal balances and account history please sign up at To obtain user information, please contact your child’s school office for your child’s Local ID to create an account.
  • For newly enrolled students, please note that if your child will be having breakfast or lunch, the full price is breakfast is $1.90 and lunch $2.90 must be paid in order for your child to be served. Until the status from the lunch application has been processed, it is the parent’s responsibility to provide the child lunch from home or money for the full price of the meal if interested in school meals.
  • A new application must be completed at the beginning of the school year to determine your eligibility status and continue your lunch eligibility from the previous year. Status changes may take effect once a new application is completed. In addition, please note if no application is completed by October 1st, the status from the previous year changes to PAID until an application is completed.

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