I strongly believe that every student who walks through my classroom deserves an excellent education, including the opportunity to learn and practice music. I also believe that all students have the capability of learning and with the right direction, motivation, and encouragement, they can challenge themselves and grow. My personal goal is to not only teach them the basics of music, how to play instruments or learn songs, but teach them life-long skills that they can use in any aspect of their life.

To me an outstanding teacher incorporates life lessons in the subject they teach, in order to create well rounded students. I reinforce our core values of respect, honesty, integrity, excellence, compassion and community throughout the school year, in both the classroom and in extracurricular activities that I support and assist with. These are important values that students take beyond any classroom and apply .in the real world. I am a strong believer in cross curriculum integration. For example, I teach my students songs that relate to social studies, literature, biology, geography, culture, books, etc. I try to include other subjects when possible, to engage them and allow for more critical thinking and learning. In February 2018, I worked with the teachers of the second grade to create and deliver a program for our students to celebrate Black History month. I selected the songs, taught them the music with the use of American sign language, and performed with them. It was a learning experience for them on many levels.

I have a unique position as a music teacher because I work with students of all ages. This means I have the ability to tailor my lesson plans. I am aware that certain students pick up lessons quicker than others and not all students have a natural talent, but with music there is something every student can do to participate. With the right level of direction and encouragement, talent can be nurtured. When I was eighteen, I taught private piano lessons; it' s when I learned to love working with individual students. Each student has their own strengths and weaknesses and my job is to bring out the best in them so they can see their own potential and perform the best they possibly can. My personal experiences also allow me to relate to my students. I try to create an environment that helps them succeed. I know what it feels like to personally struggle with studying. English is my second language, and I had to work hard to study, to learn, to express myself, and master the English language. I try to be creative when I teach because I want every student to excel.

I appreciate that I can utilize and incorporate all of my passions in the classroom on a daily basis. I believe the love for music is universal and it is something that every student can feel good about. I help students find their way through music, with encouragement, practice, relationship building, and empowerment so they know they can achieve anything. I really believe that teaching allows me to positively influence my students in many ways, but they also have an impact on me. It is why I continue to perform, whether I share a stage with them or on my own. The more I perform as a musician and continue to better myself the more I can teach them.

We are currently working with a curriculum mapping company to host all K-12 curricula. This project will be finalized by Fall, 2023.
In the meantime, if you have any specific questions about our curricula, please reach out to your school administration​