My philosophy of teaching is, “To enrich students through my passion of teaching, by sharing my professional experiences to create a fun, inclusive and interdisciplinary educational environment where all learners are engaged and learning through creative expression.” I believe one must take a look at their own journey and honestly share with others their times of failure and times of success. For without failure, there is no success. I believe students must witness strength, warmth and compassion from their teachers. They must also see their teacher recognize when they were at fault and not afraid to apologize. A mutual respect between teachers and students need to exist and begins with the teacher. A teacher must be at all times professional and demonstrate themselves with a hard work ethic, integrity and virtue. A teacher must not forget their journey in life and all the supports they had along the way. They must recognize that all learners learn differently and work tirelessly to find solutions to differentiate for them. They must make realistic yet rigorous goals for each student to achieve and place emphasis on the student’s strengths for them to obtain those goals. Hypothetically stating if a student needs glasses to see, provided those with such, if they need to stand allow it. If they need a quiet spot, provide it. Fair is not taking favorites; fair is providing each student with the resources they need to succeed. Allow laughter in your classroom and work hard to make it autonomous. Design the lessons that are engaging and student centered to allow students to take ownership and teach each other. A teacher is a servant, a tool, a moderator and encyclopedia to support student success with compassion and strength.

We are currently working with a curriculum mapping company to host all K-12 curricula. This project will be finalized by Fall, 2023.
In the meantime, if you have any specific questions about our curricula, please reach out to your school administration​