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Follow the link to access details on iLearn Online Academy Summer Program:


Bergen Arts and Science Charter School will offer an online summer school option for credit recovery purposes. Due to current school closure, this online option will replace its annual in-person summer school program. Students who have failed a course or were denied credit during the school year will be encouraged to enroll. The program will be open to all iLearn School students in grades 9-12 and will be free of charge to alleviate financial hardships as a result of the current pandemic.

The format of instruction will resemble that of our current distance learning model where students will have attendance assignments, live instruction, discussions, and formative and summative assessments. The program will run from Friday, June 12 to Tuesday, June 30. The following credit recovery courses will be offered: Algebra I, II and Geometry, ELA I, II and III, US I, II and World, Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry.


As iLearn Schools, we believe that summer assignments will keep students academically engaged during the summer break. By providing students with academic work, students return to school prepared to continue their learning, and ready to start the new grade level. This year’s assignments will hold even more importance, as we have been in distance learning since March, and we want to ensure that students are ready to start the new school year, when we return in September.

Follow the link to access details on Summer Assignments Plan for K-12:


iLearn Schools will communicate effectively and in a timely manner with all parents, students, and staff. Weekly broadcasts will be shared with all parents, students, and staff to keep the entire iLearn Schools community up-to-date on the latest information via communication tools:

Email and Class Dojo
Schools will continue using their existing email service as the main communication tool
for grades 4-12, and ClassDojo for K-3.
Telephone Broadcasting System
School leaders can use the existing phone broadcasting system.
Administrators can use telephone calling to support the distribution of notifications and
to provide information to students, faculty, and staff during a prolonged closure.
Social Media  
All our schools have Twitter and Facebook accounts. Social media can be used for
general announcements particularly because they are easy to access on different
devices, including: cell phones, tablets, and computers.
Online Tools  
Online tools can be grouped into two main categories:
I. Learning Platforms and Delivery Modes
II. Content Creation/Feeding

For details, follow the link to access Academic Continuity Technology Plan:

Academic Continuity Plan

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