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Teacher Learning Guideslines

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Important Notes for Staff and Faculty

During school closure, all staff members will work remotely except custodial staff and Central Office personnel.
All staff must be available from home during the work hours of 7:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.
School Administrators must hold a minimum of one online meeting per week.
Academic Program Directors and School Administrators will provide instructional staff with more detailed guidance and resources around distance learning through campus-based Professional Development.
Custodial staff will follow the facilities department’s guidance and directions.
Central Office will remain open at all times.
Support materials will be provided for all ELL students through NetGeo ( For those students following push-in support schedules, a joint account will be shared between ELL teachers and General Education teachers. For pull-out support, usernames and passwords will be provided for students by their ELL teacher. ClassDoJo will be utilized in grades K-2, and all communications will take place through this platform.
In order to ensure educational continuity in the event of a school closure, school admin team and non-instructional staff will get together to prepare work, materials, and resources that will be needed to be productive at home.

Essential Personnel

# Location Category Number Role
1 Central Office Chief 6 Provide administrative support
2 Central Office Director 4 Provide administrative support
3 Central Office Office 26 Provide clerical support
4 Central Office Admin (Facilities) 3 Provide administrative support (Facilities Management)
5 Central Office Admin (IT) 3 Provide Technology support
6 School Campuses Director 15 Provide administrative support
7 School Campuses Security 25 Provide logistical support (Breakfast/Lunch Distribution)
8 School Campuses Custodians 39 Provide logistical support (Facilities Cleaning)
9 School Campuses Maintenance 2 Provide logistical support (Facilities Repair)
10 School Campuses IT 15 Provide Technical Support (Devices with WiFi Distribution)

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