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Ms. Belfield
Bergen Elementary

“It is rewarding to see our teachers go above and beyond by trying to make this experience and transition for our students as smooth and enriching as possible. Watching how resourceful teachers have become for one another has been amazing. To see so many teachers step out of the box to use resources and become extremely flexible is strengthening our homeschool connection. Teachers have done this in various ways over these past few days – from working beyond work hours, to screen recording themselves logging in to Pearson for parents who are struggling with various platforms. Below is a snapshot of a 1st grade teacher, Ms. Montemarano proceeding with her normal daily morning meeting with her students utilizing ClassDojo. Her families were excited and commented with many accolades of appreciation for the video. This goes to show our teachers here at Bergen Elementary are doing their best to accommodate families and provide rigorous instruction through various platforms while supporting students and families along the way.”

Ms. VanSise
Passaic High

“Teachers and students have been interacting via email, discussion board posts, comment
features on assignments and resources, and through video! Some teachers have been posting daily video updates each day to explain directions to students and walk them through their work for the day. Parents have been wonderfully proactive about reaching out to school administration with any issues. Communication is both constant and effective!

Teachers have turned our iContinue Learning program into a sort of professional development amongst themselves and have been sharing resources, pro tips, advice, and ideas through email and video conferencing! This has been incredible to see as it really shows that the school is coming together, even though teachers and students are physically apart, to support and help one another.

Each day, we’re learning new things about remote teaching and learning, and discovering how to best utilize the tools available to us!”

Ms. VanSise
Passaic High

“My experience with iContinue Distance learning has been overall very positive. One thing that I am extremely impressed by is the teamwork from all the teachers to learn new platforms or skills and help each other out in the process. Teachers have found very creative ways to introduce their content and to collect submissions from students. For example, using EDpuzzle to create videos with questions embedded and Chrome Music Lab to see students create music and submit for an assignment.”

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