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Special Education teachers will be assigned as co-teachers in the general education teacher’s Schoology account, and will have access to all of their Special Education students’ academic assignments, grades, and records. This will allow Special Education students to still receive close support from our Special Education teachers throughout distance learning. All Special Education teachers will be responsible for co-planning with the General Education teacher. Compensatory services will be provided upon returning to school. Case managers will also be available during contracted work hours.

Support materials will be provided for all ELL students through NetGeo ( For those students following push-in support schedules, a joint account will be shared between ELL teachers and General Education teachers. For pull-out support, usernames and passwords will be provided for students by their ELL teacher. ClassDoJo will be utilized in grades K-2, and all communications will take place through this platform.


Follow the link to access details on Special Programs:

Special Programs


School Counselors will be online during the school day (8:00am-3:00pm) to respond to questions and provide assistance.

E-mail your School Counselor directly to set-up an online appointment.

Chat with a School Counselor
Students can use their Google accounts to chat with our School Counselors through Google Hangouts.
Just follow these easy steps:
1. Email your School Counselor to setup an appointment time
2. At your appointment time, select the “Chat” icon
3. Type your School Counselor’s emaila ddress in the search bar to the left
4. Select their name
5. Begin chatting!
Still need help? Click on the video link below to see how to follow these steps:


This disruption to routine and the overwhelming level of information about COVID-19 can result in students feeling stressed and anxious. It is important to give the student a sense of control by including them in positive meaning- making about the situation and brainstorming ways they can spend this time in a positive and productive way. Encouraging the student to find ways of helping others during this time can frame this time of uncertainty as a time of growth.

Follow the link to access details on iContinue Counseling and Mental Health Services, articles on coping with stress and anxiety, and community mental health resources:
Mobile Response 1-877- 652-7624
▪ Does not need to be an active emergency
▪ Can call and set up a time for dispatch (case manager comes to your home) National Suicide Hotlines:
Toll-free/24 hours/7 days a week
1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)
1-800-273 – TALK (8255)
Teen Line – 3:30 – 9:00pm Weekdays
1-888-375-TEEN (8336)


Custodial Staff

Continuing with our high standards for school maintenance, the Facilities Team Management has created a rotating schedule for each custodial team at each of the facilities in the school district. As per the schedule, one custodian only is assigned to each facility for a two hour period each day during the period of March 16 to May 15. Custodians made sure the building systems were safe and secure during the closure period. Custodians made sure all the unnecessary building systems including heating systems were closed and turned off. Custodians who are assigned to food distribution centers made sure the kitchen and food preparation areas were cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis. Custodial Supervisors and Head of Maintenance are also given the responsibility of food distribution on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week to families in need who are affected by COVID-19. Starting May 18, 2020, the Custodial Staff at each of the facilities are given the responsibility of locker and cubby clean out as per State recommendations and directions. Following completion of locker and cubby clean out, custodial teams will continue with building sanitization, waxing and deep cleaning until the end of June to make sure the facilities are ready for operation when the State Order is given for reopening. Custodial Supervisor Teams are in contact with each assigned custodian on a daily basis and address any issues including repairs/maintenance inquiries and supply requests.

Facilities Manager

The Facility Manager is responsible for all the building fire alarm systems or emergency assistance inquiries.

The Facility Manager follows up any fire alarm troubles or issues with the Local Fire Departments immediately and reports to the Facilities Director directly.

The Facility Manager also follows up regularly with the custodial staff who call in sick because of COVID-19 infection and reports to the Facilities Director and the Executive Team on regular basis about the health condition of those that are infected.

ALL Students are eligible and will be provided breakfast and lunch during COVID-19 school closures. Please fill out COVID-19 Parent Questionnaire so that we can prepare an adequate amount of food for all participating families.


COVID-19 Parent Preparedness Questionnaire


Bergen ASCS District:
Passaic ASCS District:
 Additional site:
Bergen ASCS Middle School Campus
Passaic ASCS Middle School Campus
Passaic ASCS Clifton 4 School Campus
200 MacArthur Avenue, Garfield, N.J. 07026
188 1st Street, Passaic, N.J. 07055
43 Clifton Ave., Clifton, N.J. 07011
Paterson ASCS District:
Hudson ASCS District:
Hudson ASCS School Jersey City Campus
Paterson ASCS Middle-High School Campus
Hudson ASCS Middle School Campus
Jersey City Campus
225 Grand Street, Paterson, N.J. 07501
114 Chestnut Street, Kearny, N.J. 07032 AND
2737 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Bronx ASCS District:
Bronx ASCS Elementary School Campus
925 Hutchinson River Pkwy., Bronx, N.Y. 10465


Please note that meals will be cold and packaged in a grab-and-go style for ease of delivery and pick up by students or parents/guardians.

7:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at each location

iLearn Schools’ distance learning program requires students to have high speed wifi connectivity and computers at home.  iLearn Schools is exploring alternative solutions to help families with no wifi connectivity and computers to use at home. Please complete the survey below if you would like to benefit from this service.


Parent Service Request

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