iLearn Schools Closed Until April 20, 2020

iLearn Schools Closed Until April 20, 2020

March 23, 2020

Dear iLearn Schools Community:

In order to slow the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), all iLearn Schools (NY and NJ) will continue with distance learning following our “iContinue Learning Plan” through April 7, 2020.  All athletics, extracurricular activities, and school-related events will remain canceled until further notice.

With the COVID-19 pandemic evolving rapidly, iLearn Schools had already established advanced instructional technology practices and diverse digital learning platforms that would help the organization to meet such an obstacle head on. This detailed plan for distance learning was made possible through the incredible efforts and close collaboration among iLearn Schools’ executive team, academic team, school administration, school security and operations, and the entire team of school leaders and teachers across all schools.

At iLearn Schools, we believe that no matter the challenge in front of us, we can conquer it together through our caring and continued commitment to learning in the face of adversity. iContinue Learning provides students, staff, and families across all iLearn Schools with the technological learning tools and social platforms needed to stay connected while taking continuous strides forward together. iLearn Schools’ iContinue Learning program sees that the entire iLearn community always remains together in learning from either near or far.

Please note that from Monday, March 23, 2020 until Monday, April 20, 2020, iLearn Schools will follow the schedule outlined below:


iContinue Learning – Distance Learning Schedule

March 23 – April 3

iContinue Learning

April 3

End of 3rd Marking Period

April 6

Fourth Marking Period Begins

April 6 – 7

iContinue Learning

April 8 – 9

No iContinue Learning – Virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences

April 10 – 17

Spring Break, No iContinue Learning

April 20

Anticipated return to the school (Please stay tuned for updates)


Please be well and safe.



Nihat Guvercin, M.Ed.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

iLearn Schools 


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