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The Alumni Association was established by iLearn Schools alumni, to provide the resources and connections so they continue to thrive in their careers with the support of iLearn School and their peers. With a diverse community from different walks of life, the Alumni Association is a fast growing community launched in 2021.

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The iLearn Lounge: Alumni Afterhours Podcast

ILearn Schools' Alumni Discuss their life, future aspiration, and good memories in the iLearn Alumni Lounge. Hear the zany, inspirational and tear jerking stories that make iLearns' Alumni a fast growing and tight - knit community.

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Listen to your host Pedro Peguero BASCS ’18 as he interviews Gene BASCS ’18 as they investigate the life of High School and beyond through gaming and (questionably) good fast-food.

Karin Istepanyan dives deep into her unique journey in college and beyond. Find out more about what Bergen Alumni enjoy eating. 

The iLearn Lounge returns in the New Year with an alumni who is active in their church community and how they dealt with family and COVID. Dealing with stress is difficult and finding ways to cope with it cannot be done alone. Remember that your school’s social worker, online mental health resources are available to help whenever you need it. Be sure to be on the lookout for Bryan’s events!

Kayla Aries joins us to speak about her experience oversees! If you plan to study abroad listen here and follow us @iLearnalumni.

Kyra Ibok from Passaic ASCS (2019) interviews Willy Almonte for the first Passaic Alumni led Podcast! What is it like being a computer science major from Northwestern University? Find out by listening to Willy’s journey through academia and beyond.

Daniel Illera Graduated BASCS High in 2020. Since then, he’s found what he truly loves in academia, refined his music tastes, and is looking towards the future while reflecting on the past. 

Graduating college is a monumental step what you do with your time after is open for interpretation. Jordan Travis will choose to use his time to travel the world and reflect on his life trajectory. Listen in on this episode of iLearn Alumni Afterhours.

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