Thank you for your interest in our schools!

Thank you for your interest in iLearn Schools!

Our application is closed now, and the lottery has already been conducted on Saturday, March 4th. However, we will continue to open our application for the school year 2023-2024 until June 2023. This does not guarantee though, that the application will go through. We will put the application on hold, and if there are any cancellations from our families or any openings, we will reach out to you with an update.

If you have already applied and on a current waiting list, you do not need to submit another application.

If your application for the school year 2023-2024 is not successful, we still encourage you to come back and apply for the next school year, 2024-2025. 

We appreciate your confidence in us, and rest assured that we will continue to keep providing high-quality education to our students!

Thank you for your interest in our schools!

Thank you for your interest in iLearn Schools!

Please complete the application with all information required to ensure that this application will go through the lottery process on Saturday, March 2, 2024. All information entered must be accurate and will be reviewed prior to the lottery. Falsifications, misrepresentations, or omissions may disqualify your application. The lottery for the 2024-2025 will take place on March 2, 2024.

¡Gracias por su interés en iLearn Schools!
Por favor complete la solicitud con toda la información requerida para asegurarse de que esta solicitud pase por el proceso de lotería en la 2 Marzo 2024. Toda la información ingresada debe ser precisa y será revisada antes de la lotería. Las falsificaciones, tergiversaciones u omisiones pueden descalificar su solicitud. La lotería del 2024-2025 se llevará a cabo el 2 Marzo 2024.

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The application process for the following school year starts by September of the current year. iLearn Schools does not discriminate in its admission policies or practices on the basis of intellectual or athletic ability, measures of achievement or aptitude, status as a handicapped person, proficiency in the English language or any other basis that would be illegal if used by a district board of education.

*We are currently accepting applications for 2024-2025

We are currently working with a curriculum mapping company to host all K-12 curricula. This project will be finalized by Fall, 2023.
In the meantime, if you have any specific questions about our curricula, please reach out to your school administration​