iLearn Schools strives for excellence in serving students with gifts and talents through a variety of G&T programming and services that provide enrichment opportunities, academic challenges, and platforms for creative expression in accord with students’ unique needs and interests.

iLearn Schools recognizes high ability, natural aptitudes, creativity, advanced achievement, and strong task commitment as fundamental indicators of giftedness, and employs developmentally appropriate, nondiscriminatory multiple measures to identify and serve the K-12 gifted and talented (including culturally and linguistically diverse and/or twice-exceptional) students who excel in their cognitive and affective abilities when compared to their chronological peers in the local school district, in compliance with NJ, NY State Departments of Education and NAGC Gifted and Talented Education Standards.



New Jersey Administrative Code 6A:8-3.1 defines students who are gifted and talented as those students who possess or demonstrate high levels of ability in one or more content areas when compared to their chronological peers in the local district and who require modification of their educational program if they are to achieve in accordance with their capabilities.


New York Com. Reg. Section 142.2 defines gifted pupils as those who show evidence of high performance capability and exceptional potential in areas such as general intellectual ability, special academic aptitude and outstanding ability in visual and performing arts. Such definition shall include those pupils who require educational programs or services beyond those normally provided by the regular school program in order to realize their full potential.


Students with gifts and talents perform – or have the capability to perform – at higher levels compared to others of the same age, experience, and environment in one or more domains. They require modification(s) to their educational experience(s) to learn and realize their potential. Student with gifts and talents:
      • Come from all racial, ethnic, and cultural populations, as well as all economic strata.
      • Require sufficient access to appropriate learning opportunities to realize their potential.
      • Can have learning and processing disorders that require specialized intervention and accommodation.
      • Need support and guidance to develop socially and emotionally as well as in their areas of talent.
      • Require varied services based on their changing needs.
We are currently working with a curriculum mapping company to host all K-12 curricula. This project will be finalized by Fall, 2023.
In the meantime, if you have any specific questions about our curricula, please reach out to your school administration​