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At iLearn Schools, our goal is to provide our students and staff with quality educational services and meaningful learning experiences in the most safe and secure environment possible.  As you are aware, we recently shared our COVID-19 exclusion plan. In this plan, iLearn Schools has established a yellow, orange, and red coding system for taking measured steps according to science and data. Please expect to receive more detailed information from your school administration regarding the specific instructional practices that will be implemented for each plan.

Now that the holiday season is upon us in November and December, the spread of the virus is more likely to occur due to interstate travel and traditions of family and other gatherings.  Therefore, we believe there is a possibility of our onsite instruction being impacted because of the wide community spread. In looking ahead, iLearn Schools is taking an extra precautionary approach to preventing the spread of infection. After our Thanksgiving break, starting Monday, November 30th, 2020 through one week AFTER the Holiday break, Friday, January 8th, 2021, we will provide full virtual education at all of our campuses, and all students will attend classes from home. Our hybrid education model will then resume on Monday, January 11th, 2021.  During this period of time, school buildings will remain open to allow teachers and staff members the flexibility and opportunity to access their own classrooms and materials during remote learning if they wish. We do strongly urge that all travel to states and regions deemed restricted by the most recent State directives be concluded by Friday, January 1st to ensure that students and staff who are returning to hybrid learning on January 11th are following State guidelines prior to integration into the school buildings. 

At iLearn Schools, we continue to let science and data guide our decisions. We will base our decisions on our structured exclusion plan requirements as well as the prevailing circumstances. We also always strive to implement best practices to reach our students and families both in school and at home, and know we will continue growing together. We wish everyone continued health and happiness.
Thank You!
Mr. Nihat Guvercin

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