iContinue Learning – Distance Learning Can Be Real Learning

With so many students learning from home, the critical question we face as educators today is: what does effective and productive distance learning look like exactly? Through distance learning, schools can continue making great strides forward with students for the future. In fact, with the right infrastructure and learning management systems in place, along with hotspots to allow all students Internet access from home, distance learning can still result in real learning. Without these systems already in place, continuing education at the same rate as before would be virtually impossible. Many schools across the country are struggling to provide the resources necessary for students to continuously be challenged in meaningful and measurable ways from home.

Always striving to stay a step ahead and prepared for any hurdles thrown its way, iLearn Schools was thankfully ahead of the curve and prepared for such a challenge.


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BASCS High School: AP Testing Info.

ATTENTION AP STUDENTS AND PARENTS… BASCS is charging $50 for each AP test that your child will be taking in May. These tests are a


Greetings! We are excited to announce that we are now offering the convenience of online registration through partner company, http://bergencharter.powermediallc.org/ HIGH SCHOOL FALL SPORTS ARE

2018-2019 Kindergarten Sibling(s) Registration

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s); We want to inform you that 2018-2019 kindergarten sibling(s)’ registration is now open. Please note that cutoff date requirement for kindergarten students to

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All iLearn Schools are closed for online education between March 17 - June 11